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Death Pass: what a name! Sounds like it’s so dangerous that the peaceful biker is in danger of death. Completely wrong, since a normal dirt road leads to Passo della Morte. The route follows a downhill path, more demanding, but within everyone’s reach.
The name “Passo della Morte” has a completely different origin, it dates back to a time when there was no road along the Limarò gorge and wayfarers had to take this solitary route, well above the gorge, through the pass connects Toblino to Comano. Legend has it that the Count of Castel Toblino fell madly in love with the beautiful lady of the Castle of Stenico, in the Comano valley. To ask for her hand, he had to go through this step and right there he was treacherously killed by a jealous rival.
However, it is rather unlikely that the bikers at Passo della Morte would risk such a fate. This tour is today very enjoyable and full of attractions.

Ponte Arche, IT
3:14 am, June 3, 2023
clear sky
Wind: 0 mph
Pressure: 1020 mb
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 5:28 am
Sunset: 9:01 pm
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